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ПисанеЗаглавие: *-*Lightning*-*   Вто Яну 26, 2010 7:16 pm

Име: Lightning / Лайтнинг / понякога я наричат Лайт или Лайти
Години: епа не ги казват в играта хД
Раса: 100% човек.. и все пак не обикновен човек
Пол: жена
Lightning: My parents died.I had to be strong for Sarah so I thought I needed to forger my past. And I Became Lightning. I thought that by changing my name I can change who I was..
Пояснение: Serah е по-малката и сестра
Характер: Оравновесена и спокойна.. често е твърде смела ..
Lightning has been shown to possess incredible power with both weapons and magic. She has a gravity control device called a Gravity Bomb, activated by small imprints on her right thumb and index finger, which allowed her to perform feats normally impossible, including attacking while upside down in the air and landing safely from leaps otherwise impossible to survive. She can also create an "electrical shield" and is adept in magic, using various Thunder and Fire spells, as well as a new spell known as Ruin. She fights in a very fast-paced manner, moving with great speed and using her unique weapon as both a gun and sword. Her Eidolon is Odin; upon its transformation into Gestalt Mode, Odin transforms into the horse Sleipnir which Lightning rides on while wielding two massive swords.

Her weapons can be upgraded into any of these models:
Magnum Blaze
Helter Skelter
Saber Carbine
Slash Carbine
Accelerator Blade
Ignite Blade
Knight Saber
Ultima Weapon
Omega Weapon (Blaze Edge, Gladius, Saber Carbine, Accelerator Blade, Knight Saber, Automatic Clair, Lionheart, Ogrenix)

Summon Odin:

Blaze Edge:



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