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ПисанеЗаглавие: ~~Laharl~~   Съб Яну 30, 2010 10:40 am

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness character
Kana ラハール
Romaji Rahāru
AKA Prince, Harlie
Japanese Voice actor(s) Kaori Mizuhashi
English Voice actor(s) Barbara Goodson
Age 1313 (Disgaea)
1316 (Disgaea 2)
Height 135cm
Weight 38kg
Home Overlord's castle, Netherworld
Race Half Demon/Half Human
Class Demon Prince/Overlord

Laharl is a recurring character in the Disgaea series. Arrogant and self-centred, Laharl attempts to maintain the attitude of a typical demon. The first game in the series, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness chronicles his attempt to inherit his title of Overlord and his eventual discovery of love.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

* 1 Story
o 1.1 Etna Mode
o 1.2 Manga
* 2 Personality
* 3 Gameplay Style
* 4 Other Appearances
o 4.1 Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
o 4.2 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
o 4.3 Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?
* 5 Non-Disgaea Appearances
o 5.1 Makai Kingdom
o 5.2 Phantom Brave
o 5.3 Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

edit Story

Laharl is the son of King Krichevskoy, ruler of the Netherworld. However, after awakening from a two year slumber, he discovers that his father is dead and almost all of his vassals are gone - most of them are, in fact, trying to take Laharl's place, rather than trying to serve him. As the rightful heir to the throne, Laharl sets out to take the throne by force with his vassal Etna's help, and proclaim himself as the true Overlord of the Netherworld.

He begins by crashing the house of a nearby demon Vyers, defeating the newly christened "Mid Boss" as the first stepping stone on the path to the throne - a path to be built of his defeated foes. However, his plans are interrupted by the appearance of the angel trainee Flonne, sent from Celestia to assassinate the Overlord. Chasing the would-be assassin, he eventually manages to corner and defeat her, leading Flonne to join his party.

Flonne is at first discouraged by his evil behaviour: crashing another demon's house, pillaging it, and then preparing to kill the house's owner, Hoggmeiser. However, Laharl chooses to spare Hoggmeiser when his son, Porkmeiser appears to defend him, leading Flonne to believe that his heart is indeed capable of love. When Vulcanus steals Flonne's pendant, he is enticed by Flonne's promise of "something good" to go and find it. The group finally track it down to Vyers and defeat him once again, recovering the pendant. At this time, Laharl is relieved to find that the pendant burns him, meaning that his heart is wicked.

Even after Laharl is crowned the new Overlord half way through the game, he is still referred to as "Prince" by Etna and all those who still remain in the Overlord's Castle, probably out of habit (although there are hints that Laharl's vassals do not see him as worthy enough to replace his father as Overlord.).

In general, the accepted ending is the good ending, in which Laharl spares Lamington's life and is stopped by Mid Boss before he sacrifices himself, allowing him to see Flonne become a Fallen Angel.

In the last episode of the anime, however, Laharl gives Overlordship to Etna, then he sacrifices himself in an attempt to revive Flonne. This ending is similar to the normal ending of the game, except that in the game Laharl succeeds in killing Lamington, who would've brought Flonne back to life had he been spared. In the last scenes of the final anime episode it is shown that he has become a Prinny, possessing all the power's he had before when he darkens the sky and very unwilling to work like a regular prinny since he is found in a sun lounger.
[edit] Etna Mode

In the alternate story Etna Mode in the PSP/DS version, Etna kills Laharl as he wakes up by accident. While playing this mode, the player will not have access to Laharl. In order to prevent suspicion from Maderas, Etna places fake antennas on a Prinny and passes it off as Laharl. By the end of Etna Mode, Laharl is actually revealed to be alive. The shot that supposedly killed him only knocked him out, and he is found by Etna in Stellar Graveyard.
[edit] Manga

In the Disgaea manga, Laharl's personality slightly differs. While he is selfish, arrogant, and is willing to use violence to solve his problems, he comes off more mature than his game counterpart, appearing to also be slightly smarter (When Flonne tells Laharl that the Seraph believes demons have love too, Laharl reminds her that her mission to assassinate the Overlord was given to her by the same person). Laharl also appears to hate his father even more in the manga as Laharl is often overshadowed by Krichevskoy, not to mention Krichevskoy's personality annoys Laharl.
edit Personality

Laharl is incredibly arrogant and always tries to prove that he is the strongest demon in the Netherworld. He is, however, extremely powerful for his appearance, which, despite his age, is still that of a small human child (his large hair antennae and billowing scarf are meant to mask this fact). Unfortunately, he has a weakness (as in, he literally gets hurt by) towards optimistic sayings (especially anything concerning the word 'love') and women with sexy bodies. Maderas took advantage of both weaknesses in both the game and the anime by having pretty girls say optimistic things (succubi in the game and miscellaneous pretty demon girls in the anime). He claims that Flonne and Etna don't bother him since they're flat-chested, something which they take as an insult obviously.
edit Gameplay Style

Main article: Demon Prince

Laharl is the usual "Hard-Hitting Warrior" character. His attack stat and aptitude are both high to suit this. His weapon of choice is a sword, making Laharl flexible and easy to level due to the Sword Skill "Winged Slayer" (or "Slayer's Decent" in the third Disgaea game). His Unique Specials are Blazing Knuckle, Overlord's Wrath and Meteor Impact. Laharl can wield any melee weapon with ease however, as he has A Mastering Rank in every category except for Guns, Bows and Staffs.
edit Other Appearances
[edit] Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Laharl's portrait in Disgaea 2

Laharl makes a brief appearance, attempting to force Etna to come back to his castle. He also tries to make himself the main character of Disgaea 2. He is playable after completing the optional missions "I want to fight an Overlord!" and "Summon Laharl!". When completing the final mission, Laharl joins after tasting Hanako's cooking since he can't make her his chef.
[edit] Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
Laharl's portrait in Disgaea 3

Laharl appears before Mao, who Laharl assumes to be the legendary Overlord who stole his height. Mao, however, believes that Laharl is the legendary Overlord and the two fight. When the battle ends, Mao and Laharl appear to be evenly matched until Almaz makes them realize that neither of them are the legendary Overlord. Laharl, along with Etna and Flonne, joins the party and reveals to Mao that the legendary Overlord they have all been looking for is Baal.

In an alternate battle, Laharl suddenly appears before Mao alongside Etna and Flonne, claiming to be Mao's father. Mao doesn't believe him at all, but later begins to call Laharl his old man after defeating him. However, it turns out that this was all an attempt to steal the lead role and he reveals to Mao that he is actually another Overlord after the battle. The game ends after this

[edit] Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

Laharl appears as an optional boss in the game. In the game, he is in his Prinny form (from the Bad Ending) complete with his scarf, red eyes and antennas. During the battle, he attacks using his Prinny Knives, a smaller Overlord's Wrath that hits twice and using an alternate version of his Meteor Impact attack which first he uses a metal gear YAY, then an oversized bomb and a table.

Laharl can be defeated in 2 ways: By depleting his HP to zero or by lifting him up and throwing him (since he's a Prinny, he explodes when thrown). It is revealed that he was forced to work for Etna after returning to the Netherworld and that out of frustration from being overworked, stole Etna's Sea Of Gehenna Pudding and ran off, causing the game's events. Etna comes in and says that she was only overworking because she wants him to be able to reincarnate back into his old body. Also, The Hero Prinny states that he heard Laharl's laugh somewhere before but can't put his finger on it, so thus he doesn't realize that he beat Laharl.
edit Non-Disgaea Appearances
[edit] Makai Kingdom

In Makai Kingdom, Laharl is brought before Overlord Zetta after Etna and Flonne were defeated by him, and tries to show Zetta that he is the superior Overlord in an extra boss battle. If Laharl is the leader character when you defeat Overlord Baal while he's in Zetta's body, Laharl burns Zetta's body to prevent Baal from escaping which causes the credits to roll. However after the credits are done, the player is greeted with the Game Over screen, sending the player back to their last save point.
[edit] Phantom Brave

Laharl is also present as a boss in Phantom Brave. He is trapped in a Bottlemail and after meeting the main characters Ash and Marona, he constantly tries to make them his vassals by defeating them.

After beating him 3 separate times, Ash and Marona fake a loss so that Laharl will stop fighting them, and Laharl gives them his Phantom Double, adding Laharl as a playable character.
[edit] Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

He also makes a brief cameo appearance in Soul Nomad. In the demon path, should the main character choose to call himself the Overlord over the Devourlord ("Eh, Overlord is fine I guess."), Laharl scolds him/her for taking such a title lightly. Revya and Gig, however, ignore Laharl and the story continues from there.
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